About the Staff

"I have been to many countries and have been privileged to stay in many places, but this week I felt as though I had come home. This is the highest compliment I could ever offer. The staff and the accommodations are excellent and the sheets make you want to stay in bed all day!"


Meet your villa hosts...

We have more staff than bedrooms - some you will meet, some you won't. It takes quite a team to pull off a Mais Oui vacation experience.

Your villa hosts ... manager/concierge, chef, butler, housekeepers, gardeners/maintenance, security, laundress ... ensure a hassle-free vacation with impeccable housekeeping, meticulously groomed grounds, memorable dining experiences, and warm personal service with a smile.

Personal on-site concierge service!

Nearly every review, whether in our guest book at the villa or online, mentions "Dave". Who is Dave?

Well, he was personally involved with the building of the villa back in 1999-2000 and has been with us ever since. Nearly everything, except for housekeeping, stops with him.

We tell our guests, "When in doubt, ask Dave first". His cell phone number is already pre-programmed in the cell phone loaner which we provide our guests in Jamaica.

As Dave says, "Just come. Tell me what you are looking for and we will figure out how to make it happen".

As a guest in a foreign country, what more could you ask for? Dave is our van driver, concierge and operations manager. Dave is the go-to guy for any villa maintenance problems, as well as information on sights to see and things to do. He has driven many, many guests for us over the years and is filled with their experiences and feedback!

Personal Chef Service

Whether it's fusion cuisine or Jamaican favorites, let one of our personal chefs tantalize your taste buds with culinary creations that are sure to please!

Ready to be thoroughly looked after by our staff?