WhoDunIt Jamaica Mystery Weekend

If you love a good mystery and TV shows like Murder She Wrote, Sherlock Holmes, or CSI, this 3-day / 2-night WhoDunIt Mystery Weekend in Jamaica Experience is for you. 

Join us for a weekend of mystery, intrigue, great food, and fun, set in a relaxing Jamaican villa, where you and your guests become the stars of the event.

Immerse yourself in a fully interactive mystery with cunningly-created twists and turns written with a distinctive Jamaican flair.

Expect an enjoyable game of make believe which requires deductive reasoning, logic, attention to detail, a competitive spirit, and a sense of humor. 

Put your sleuthing skills to the test as you become engrossed in an original and perplexing story where each guest plays a character and is an equally likely suspect.

Sift through twisted tales and shady characters as you piece through crucial clues to reveal “WhoDunIt” or “A Who Dweet”!

Expect loads of fun, laughter, and mayhem; but, know for sure that by the weekend is over, one of you will be going to “jail”!

Dress to match your character’s persona, or not. Just prepare to have fun. A good sense of humor and a willingness to participate are keys to a successful event.

What’s Included

  • Individual Mystery Character packets for each participant
  • 2 nights accommodation at Mais Oui Villa for the number of people specified
  • Dinner on Friday evening
  • Breakfast on Saturday
  • Mystery Finale Dinner on Saturday evening
  • Breakfast on Sunday

The Story

Leebert Chump, a.k.a. Maas Leebert, was a heartless tyrant who was only interested in making money. People were merely dispensable pawns in his game. He would find their weakness and use it to his advantage.

As far as everyone knew, he died suddenly in his home office clutching his heart. At first, it seemed to be natural causes, most likely a heart attack, but a mysterious interested party raised reasonable doubt, and now it appears to be a case of cold-blooded murder.

Who could have pulled off such a crime? Was it a family member? The butler? Or was it one of the many, many people he wronged?

Who killed Maas Leebert? We need your team to figure out Who Dun It!

The Characters …. The mystery is built to be played by a minimum of eight characters, any of whom could be the guilty party.

Was it someone in his family, the church pastor, the local politician, his neighbour, his doctor, or a disgruntled employee?

Follow the evidence to discover who had motive, means, and opportunity!

The Details …. It would be smart for you to know how the weekend will progress before you jump in, especially since anyone in your group could have done the grisly deed ….

Due to the concerns for COVID-19, the experience unfolds during a stay at the villa and with the help of your smart phone.

About 7 days prior to your mystery weekend, each participant will receive his or her confidential character packet which details the role that he/she will be playing. Don’t worry. There is nothing that has to be memorized. We promise. 

The experience starts on late Friday afternoon and ends Sunday morning. 

The event is designed to be played in 3 acts (rounds of investigation), each associated with a meal. 

Clues will be revealed either as public information to all participants or will be deduced by the players based on their own detective skills.

Arrival: Friday afternoon, 3-5pm

Your beautifully prepared villa awaits you and your puzzle-loving friends as you get ready to start your mystery weekend. 

Friday evening, 6-9pm: Rules of the Game and Dinner, Round 1

Have a sumptuous dinner prepared by our chef and officially meet all the suspects. The staff will introduce themselves as well. 

Think of this round as more of an icebreaker for the different characters to get to know each other. 

Everyone is a suspect. Trust no one. Perhaps a drink at the bar or some casual conversation will give you some vital information … or maybe it was just small talk. You never know. 

Find out other people’s secrets and protect yours. Bribery and blackmail is highly encouraged.

Saturday morning, 8:30 – 10am: Breakfast, Round 2

A full Jamaican breakfast will be waiting for you.  It seems some new evidence has turned up. You’re beginning to see a picture shaping up, possible motives being revealed, but everything isn’t adding up. 

Saturday, 10am – 4:30pm: Free time after breakfast

After breakfast, relax and enjoy the property’s amenities … pool, ping pong, billiards, tennis, putt putt golf, beach … or, check out any nearby activities while at the same time keeping your eyes open for any clues.

Feel free to chat up your fellow guests, or even the staff. You never know what you might learn!

Saturday evening, 5:30pm: Dinner, Round 3

Be sure to get back in time and ready for dinner at 5:30pm. 

Stay in character for the evening. Dress up for dinner.  Get in costume, if you so choose. Wear what you think your character would wear and get ready for a fun evening and a mystery you won’t forget anytime soon. 

You start off with hors d’oeuvres. As you mix and mingle you get more clues. 

Enjoy another wonderful dinner to die for! Feel free to discuss the case with the other participants but you might want to keep your theories to yourself because just when you think you know who did it, the plot could thicken. Plus, you want to be the one to solve the mystery and be crowned Detective Extraordinaire. 

As the evening progresses, there will be a lot of finger pointing as accusations fly. Everyone is a suspect. Feel free to interrogate them. Pay attention to the evidence. Put the pieces of the puzzle together to solve Who Dun It!

At the end of the evening, you have to turn in your solution – Who dun it, how did they do it, and what was their motive? 

Then there will be the big reveal … who got it right? Who is the new Detective Extraordinaire? 

There will be voting for Most Entertaining, Best actor/actress, Best dressed participant and maybe even Best blackmailer!

Sunday morning, 8:30am: Breakfast with check out by 11am

Enjoy a great Jamaican breakfast. Whether you won or not, you had a great time and you can’t wait to come back for another one. 

See where you will be staying, visit https://MakeItJamaica.com.

(This was Maas Leebert’s summer home. Very few people ever set foot inside the house. You may as well enjoy it while you can. If you did the ghastly deed, this might be your last weekend of freedom)

Who Dun It Jamaica Mystery Weekend Package: The Case of Leebert Chump

  • Individual Mystery Character packets for each participant
  • 2 nights accommodation at Mais Oui Villa for the number of people specified
  • Dinner on Friday evening
  • Breakfast on Saturday
  • Mystery Finale Dinner on Saturday evening
  • Breakfast on Sunday

Special Price for the


for available dates between

September 15- November 31, 2020

US$? + tax per person double occupancy with 8 person minimum using 4 rooms

How To Book

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire to reduce the risk of exposure, we require guests to organize their own groups of 8-14 people. The current mandates of the Jamaican government will determine the maximum number of participants.

To organize your own exclusive group event, simply get 8-14 of your friends to commit to the weekend and the dates. Week days are also available on request.

Your event must be booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance to allow for adequate preparation.

Once you have your group, contact us with your dates and arrangements for payment. Payment must be received before the packets are sent out.

We will help you coordinate your party by providing the invitations, suspect list, suggested costume ideas, character packets, and villa accommodations.

Unless there is a national stay at home or quarantine order in effect, the event is non-refundable once the character packets have been sent out. It is imperative that all participants understand that this is a custom event. As a result, once the characters are assigned, everyone has to show up for the event to succeed.

For more information and to book, email darrell@makeitjamaica.com, subject line WhoDunIt



WhoDunIt Jamaica Mystery Weekend - Mais Oui Villa, Discovery Bay, Jamaica

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