Experience Mais Oui - a Jamaica villa with chef and butler!

Meals are the highlight of any Mais Oui villa vacation


Scrumptious menus to suit discerning palates

Experience the incredible cuisine from our private chef who will dazzle you with delicious creations.
Does your taste and budget demand filet mignon and lobster? You can have it. If you are more budget conscious but still want a more upscale dining experience, you can have that as well. Welcome to your own Jamaica villa rental with chef and butler where you determine your menus with the chef, based on your dietary requirements and budget.

Stress-free meal planning

Why worry about grocery shopping? Do you have any idea how to estimate how much food to purchase for a large group of people? For the ultimate convenience, leave meal planning and shopping in the capable hands of your Jamaica villa chef. The villa can be pre-stocked based on your request with additional food purchased based on your menus. Simple!

Beautiful presentations for every meal

The setting for meals is as important as the meal itself. There is something just special about having your meals prepared by your private villa chef then served by your own butler with each meal a unique social media worthy experience. For an unforgettable experience have dinner on the roof deck on a dark night with tiki torches all aglow or on a moonshine night when the moon lights the skies.

One more opportunity for togetherness

We have the space and furnishings for your whole group to eat together in fine style. Have a multi-course home-cooked meal served in one of our spacious indoor and outdoor dining areas, all without you lifting a finger!

Fresh locally sourced ingredients

To the extent possible, our chef uses fresh, local ingredients, based on what is in season, to create menus that are distinctly Jamaican with an international flair. Let the spices and the flavors introduce you to Jamaica’s rich culture and heritage through food!

Excellent value for money

Comparable meals at restaurants offering similar quality and service cost significantly more than what you will find at the villa. Plus, you have the added inconvenience of driving a distance and waiting for service.

Typical Welcome Dinner

Menu Example

“Exquisite services, freshly caught fish and lobster, jerk chicken were just some of the items. Also, these were the most punctual meals we have experienced. The tables were beautifully set with a variety of colorful linens and table collections.”

- Ann P. Green Bay, WI.

Meal Services

All meals are served family style as they would be in a private home. Buffet, as well as plated, service is also available.To enhance the experience, up to two entrees are prepared for dinner.

Meal Planning for Your vacation rental - Meal Purchase Options

Guests often ask, How do we purchase food? There are two options
Option 1.   Prior to arrival, the chef will shop for the first night’s dinner and first morning’s breakfast as well as any other requirements as specified by the guest. Further grocery shopping is done as needed based on the menu that is decided on with the chef. Guests will reimburse the chef and or the grocery store for the purchases. This option gives you total control over your budget and your menu. Note, that a reasonable menu is about US$65 to US$75 per person per day. This is an estimate and is subject to your menu choices and food costs at the time of purchase.
Option 2.   Guests may choose to go with the pre-paid add on Meal Plan offering 3 meals per day based on our menus to create a quasi-all-inclusive scenario. You still have some flexibility with choices; however, your choices are based on our menus.